CSP Today Markets Report 2014


Courtesy of FCBI Energy

The next few years are likely to be defining ones for the future development of CSP in Chile and the opportunities are beginning to develop.
Plan your business strategy for CSP investment with in-depth analysis of global CSP market conditions.

Special focus on South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the USA, India, Chile, China and the UAE.

  • Project pipelines: making use of the CSP Today Global Tracker, all project data is industry validated and taken from August 2013, providing detailed information of projects announced, planned, in development, construction and operation.
  • Local CSP ecosystem: Building upon the knowledge of local authors and peer reviewers, each market has either been written or reviewed by on-the-ground players active in the local CSP market.
  • Markets Forecast: Key influencing factors were identified and weighted to analyse their impact on the future growth of the market until 2024.
  • Expert Analysis: This report has been researched and written by a team of highly-qualified and impartial industry experts ensuring that only the highest quality, most relevant and digestible analysis is published.

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