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Design of an autonomous renewable hybrid power system

This paper presents the development of an optimisation model for the design of an autonomous solar-wind hybrid system in combination with battery bank and diesel generator. The performance of solar and wind system is evaluated using new practical mathematical models, in combination with hourly measured meteorological data. Loss of power supply probability technique is used as a key system parameter to assess the reliability and net present cost of the system. A novel penalty function is used for low reliability level in the cost calculation. Methodology used in this model allows quick identification of optimal design based on user's desired reliability level and techno-economical performance of the system. The programme has been developed using energy balance calculation method in MATLAB 7.0 environment.

Keywords: hybrid power systems, loss of power supply probability, net present cost, optimisation, renewable energy, mathematical modelling, solar power, solar energy, wind power, wind energy, battery banks, diesel generators

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