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Distributed generation planning in deregulated power market - a bibliographical survey

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As a result of deregulation, increased use of dispersed generation requires revisiting in management and operation of distribution network. Selection of optimal network topology incorporated with the optimal use of dispersed generation and retail market including real and reactive power. Minimisation of related costs and satisfying technical and physical constraints is also the key issue to concentrate. This paper presents a detailed survey of the work done in the field of DG planning. The task of DG planning can be broadly classified into two sections: 1) framing the suitable objective function; 2) optimising the objective function. This paper presents papers/literature on both the issues taken into consideration of the deregulated electricity markets. There are nearly 57 citations referenced in this bibliography.

Keywords: distributed generation, dispersed generation, planning, soft computing, electricity markets, deregulated markets, power markets, deregulation, distribution networks, optimal topology, network topology, retail markets, real power, reactive power, cost minimisation, related costs, technical constraints, physical constraints, objective function, optimisation, energy technology, energy policy

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