Dockside Green Community Illuminated with Solar Area Lighting


Courtesy of Carmanah Technologies Corporation

Dockside Green

Victoria, British Columbia

EverGEN Solar Area Lighting with BetaLED THE EDGE fixture

Building a “Green” Community Carmanah solar area lighting is helping Dockside Green move forward in the development of an eco-friendly community that offers true environmental sustainability.

Due for completion in 2009, the self-sufficient community will feature Carmanah solar area lighting along a portion of the Galloping Goose Trail; a popular rails-to-trails project that is considered one of Canada’s most heavily used commuter trails.

The community is designed to encourage walking, running and cycling, so effective lighting and safety-enhancing technology along this trail is essential. Configured to operate year-round in the Pacific Northwest, the solar area lights will illuminate key pedestrian promenades and bicycle paths on the section of the trail that runs through the Dockside Green community.

Powered by the clean, limitless energy of the sun, Carmanah solar area lighting provides a versatile and reliable illumination alternative that is eligible for LEED Renewable Energy Credits, and can help Dockside Green in its commitment to developing a LEED Platinum community.

LEED Platinum Targeted Community Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Leadership in Energy Design (LEED) program is a national standard that aims to transform the way buildings and communities are designed.

In July 2008, Synergy, the first phase of the Dockside Green development, was awarded LEED Platinum certification – the highest level attainable under the Canadian sector of the program. As a testament to the developments dedication to green building principles, Dockside Green was awarded the highest score ever given at that level, receiving 63 points out of a possible 70.

The next step is to achieve LEED Platinum certification for the entire community. Only a handful of buildings in the world have reached the Platinum level, and Dockside Green is aiming to be the first community to obtain Platinum certification for buildings developed in a master-planned community.

LEED certification requires a development to incorporate “green” technology in many areas of the building design. Dockside Green’s 15-acre harbourfront community will feature three distinct neighborhoods that will function as a total environmental system. Incorporating a blend of residential, commercial, office and retail space, the community will showcase a variety of sustainable technology innovations including biomass heat generation, water conservation facilities and onsite stormwater and sewage treatment. It will also promote healthy spaces and alternative modes of transport.

While earning LEED Renewable Energy Credits, Carmanah solar area lighting can contribute to LEED certification in the areas of; Energy and Atmosphere, Sustainable Sites, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation.

Lighting the way with solar
In 2008 Carmanah partnered with RUUD Lighting, a market leader in light emitting diodes (LEDs) for exterior lighting applications. Combining Carmanah’s proven solar technology with BetaLED THE EDGE fixture, the EverGEN solar area lighting solution boasts a new level of versatility and adaptability for pedestrian scale applications.

The self-contained solar area lighting solution integrates all components within a sleek, compact and durable polemounted design, designed to endure extreme wind loads and the harshest of environmental conditions. THE EDGE LED fixture offers impressive light uniformity and distribution. Compared to HID light sources, LEDs have an extended luminaire life of 60,000 hours and a five-year maintenance cycle, reducing total cost of ownership without compromising quality or reliability. LEDs also offer desirable colour rendering in comparison to HID lights,

Substantial Cost Savings
Carmanah’s solar area lights replace traditional hard-wired energy alternatives in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. Freedom from the electrical grid means systems are immune to power failures, ensuring fl awless performance year-round. A five-year maintenance cycle reduces the time and costs involved in regular maintenance procedures, reducing overall operating costs, and enabling the implementation of other eco-friendly technologies.

Setting the Standard
Overall, Carmanah’s solar area lighting solution embraces Dockside Green’s environmental commitment, and plays a vital role in the creation of a unique community that will set the standard for future “green” developments.

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