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Dynamic validated model of a DFIG wind turbine


This paper presents the development and qualitative validation of a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine model that is represented in terms of behaviour equations of each of the subsystems, mainly the turbine rotor, the drive train, the induction generator, the power converters and associated control systems and a protection system. Simulation results obtained from the models are compared to the field measurement data in a qualitative manner due to rotor wake and lack of ability of a single anemometer for adequate measurement of wind speed acting on the large surface of the rotor. It is concluded that the model is reasonably accurate and can hence be used for representing wind turbines in power system dynamics simulations.

Keywords: renewable energy technology, dynamic model, doubly-fed induction generator, DFIG, rotor aerodynamic, drive train, power converter, pitch angle controller, converter controllers, operating regions, qualitative validation

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