Eilstorfer Bioenergie case study


Courtesy of Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH

In 2011, Eilstorfer Bioenergie built a biogas plant fed on sustainable materials. It is a community installation shared by several farmers cooperating in a joint energy project. Aside from the digester, the plant comprises of three Dreyer & Bosse CHP units.

One CHP unit is located at the biogas plant to ensure the supply of heat required for the digester and adjacent pig rearing facility. There is another CHP unit in the centre of Groß Eilstorf. Short distances to consumers locally ensure extremely high heat supply efficiency. A woodchip boiler is also installed to cover peaks in demand. Its central location called for extremely effective noise reduction measures. An indoor installation was chosen, enabling virtually silent CHP unit operation in conjunction with specially selected components from Dreyer & Bosse.The third CHP unit is located next to the Kirchboitzen school premises, where it supplies the school, church and numerous private homes. Here too, an additional woodchip boiler is installed to cover demand peaks in winter.The three CHP units have a total installed electrical and thermal output of approx. 1.1 MW. The gas scrubbing system components, CHP technology and the service from Dreyer & Bosse have given the client plant availability of over 98 % since commissioning. Extremely low maintenance costs and an exchange of information and knowledge transfer with clients ensure a successful energy transition and minimise the costs for our generation and those to come.

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