Energy efficient ferrero group invests in GEM


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Thermal Energy International Inc is pleased to announce that Energhe S.p.A. has made Thermal Energy International’s GEM venturi orifice steam traps its steam trap of choice following rigorous testing at Ferrero Group’s headquarters in Alba, Italy.   Founded in 2007 by parent company, Ferrero Group, Energhe S.p.A. develops energy efficient projects and financial savings for the Ferrero Group. The company is also offering its services to other companies and plans to develop this service as it grows.  To date 150 GEM steam traps have replaced mechanical traps in the Ferrero Group’s sites in Italy, Germany and Ireland.

Aware of the Ferrero Group’s interest in energy conservation, following the establishment of Energhe in 2007, Thermal Energy International gave a presentation to the company’s engineers on the award winning GEM steam traps.  Following a second meeting Energhe agreed to conduct a rigorous trial by replacing an inverted bucket steam trap, which normally had to be replaced every twelve months, with an appropriately sized GEM steam trap.  Sometimes the mechanical trap failed, but the 24/7 process could not be stopped, resulting in extensive steam wastage.

The trial, carried out on a process toaster with a 9-bar pressure, was monitored by a flow meter over a 12-month period to verify the steam consumption.  It not only established that the GEM steam trap was totally reliable but also that it had achieved steam savings of 15%.

Instead of utilising a valve mechanism to close off steam for maximum energy and water conservation, the highly efficient GEM steam traps use the patented venturi orifice design to effectively drain condensate from the steam system. As the GEM steam traps have no moving parts to wedge open or fail, it provides the ultimate in reliability necessitating only minimal maintenance and requiring no spares, testing or monitoring equipment.  

Following the successful trial, a local Thermal Energy International engineer carried out surveys of Ferrero Groups sites in Italy and Poland. In addition to replacing its failed mechanical traps with GEM, Energhe now ensures that the venturi design is used in all of Ferrero’s new plants and during shutdown for maintenance.

Commenting of the GEM venturi orifice steam trap, the Project Manager at Energhe S.p.A. said:  “GEM steam traps solved our problem of trap failure and steam leakage.  We verified their performance and reliability during the trial and found they achieved the results promised at the initial presentation. In addition, we also like the fact that Thermal Energy International offers a 10-year guarantee on the GEM, which is backed by fast response and excellent service.”

Available in a wide range of sizes for a full cross section of applications, the hardwearing GEM steam traps are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are guaranteed for 10 years, eliminating the need for repair or replacement.  The GEM steam traps can provide a fast payback from reduced energy costs and increased equipment reliability.  In addition it can improve product processing by enhancing process control of the cleaning system, and also reducing equipment repairs, downtime and replacement costs. 

About Thermal Energy International Inc.

Thermal Energy International Inc. is an innovative clean technology company providing a variety of award winning energy efficiency, emission reduction, water efficiency and bioenergy products and solutions to the industrial, commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Thermal Energy’s products include; GEM - Steam traps and condensate return systems, FLU-ACE - Direct contact condensing heat recovery, and Dry RexTM - Low temperature biomass drying systems. Thermal Energy International Inc. is also a fully accredited professional engineering firm, and offers advanced process and applications engineering services. FLU-ACE, GEM, DRY-REX, THERMALONOx, and THERMAL AUD are trademarks of Thermal Energy International Inc. Thermal Energy is a Canadian publicly traded company with shares listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “TMG”.  For more information, visit and

About Ferrero Group

Established by the Ferrero family in the 1940’s and still a privately owned company, Ferrero Group owns 18 factories worldwide and employs 21,500 personnel producing chocolates, confectionary, spreads and beverages.  The Group operates 38 trading companies and has a turnover of around 137 million euros. 

About Energhe S.p.A.

Energhe S.p.A, a Ferrero, group company was founded in April 2007, as a logical follow-up to the activities of Ferrero Italy in the field of energy saving.  Energhe S.p.A.'s mission may be considered under various headings: developing projects for the production of electric power and thermal energy from renewable (solar/wind/biomass/hydro) and conventional sources; energy and fuel trading for production; and planning, developing and implementing power-saving projects (thermal energy and electricity).

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