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Energy Management Contract


1. Introduction

Energy management contract (EMC) is a new market-oriented energy saving mechanism. It is not to market a product or a technology, but a financial management method to reduce the energy costs.

EMC companies provide the customers with a complete set of energy saving services, including energy auditing, project design & financing, engineering construction, equipment installation, confirmation of the amount of energy saved by signing energy-saving service contracts. In this effective way to save energy power, when the customers see the energy saving efficiency, the EMC companies could share the energy saving results with them, achieving a win-win relationship.

Based on the advantages of our own products, Blue Jay electronic develops an advanced network of energy management contract. With one or several communications, the networks can remotely control and monitor energy power and quality with automatically showing all power parameters. At the same time, the network reduces customers’ investment cost and improves efficiency of energy management. Additionally, with high-tech communication protocols, the whole system can share the energy digital information easily.

2. Software

BJ software can precisely monitor and measure digital of energy consumption in whole electrical circuit and provide insights of facilities' energy usage. With easy-to-use graphical programming, you can customize the measurements you want to take with the hardware.

3. Hardware

BJ intelligent power meters are widely used in buildings needing power analysis and monitor. It contains main following meters:

 Electrical meters

Electrical parameter is a great tool of effective energy management for industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, and intelligent large-scale public buildings.

Measurements as follows:


Three-phase voltage                 Power factor

Frequency                          Active power

Reactive power                     Three-phase current

Energy consumption                 CO2 emissions

Din rail meters

BJ-301C DIN rail meter is used for monitoring energy parameters in three-phrase guide.  Using DIN35mm communication, this meter is easy to use and can measure digital of sharp, peak, flat and valley in multi tariff. The specific features are as follows:

1)      Width of 7 modulus (18*7mm)

2)      Classic accuracy: 0.5

3)      Maximum input current:80A

4)      With RS485 communication

5)      MODBUS and GPRS can connect with other systems

 Panel meters

BJ-194Z network multifunction power meter is an advanced energy monitoring device. Using panel, the meter can easily install inside the electrical cabinet. It can precisely monitor power parameters including current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor etc.

Specific features:

1)      Panel dimension: 80*80mm

2)      Standard input: 220/380V, 5A

3)      Classic accuracy: 0.5

4)      With MODBUS communication

5)      Wide size LCD or LED display

By energy management contract, you can save millions of dollars for reducing cost of energy and man power in one year. So it is as if free lunch really exists in the world. Try it!

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