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Estimation of capacity credit for wind power in Libya

This paper presents the results of a study that evaluated the wind potential at the central region of the Libyan coast and estimated the capacity credit of wind power in the national network. Several sites were investigated to choose the most suitable sites for wind farm establishment. Different sizes of Wind Energy Converter Systems (WECSs) were selected to estimate the wind potential. The sizes were selected to satisfy present and future market development as well as to satisfy technical, economic, and environmental aspects. Wind data from three meteorological stations in the proposed region were used in assessing the wind potential. The wind potential was estimated according to the characteristics of the sites and power curves of the WECSs, and considering certain assumptions. The results showed that the capacity credit varied from about 20% to 50%, depending on penetration levels of wind power, for the assumptions made in this study.

Keywords: wind potential, Libya, wind power modelling, electricity generation modelling, site selection, capacity factors, capacity credit, penetration level, wind farms, wind energy conversion

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