Focus Bioenergy No 7 2004: Biofuels - heating for the future


Courtesy of Elmia AB

Biofuels for heating of homes and properties is rapidly making headway. Environmentally friendly, comfortable and price-worthy small-scale heating with biofuels is done using pellets or briquettes. Changing an oil burner for a pellets burner or replacing electric heating with a pellet-burning stove is often very profitable. It demands less effort than wood firing but somewhat more work than using an oil boiler. Wood firing can also be a good alternative in an efficient wood boiler or fireplace that fulfils environmental demands. Wood logs, pellets and briquettes do not contribute to the green house effect. These are also domestic fuels, which means shorter transports as compared to fossil fuels. More-over, the biofuels stimulate economic life and rural areas.

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