Gas Fired Oven


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An industrial Gas Fired Oven is typically of steel construction, comprised of inner and outer shells of sheet steel panels, separated by 4” thick, 6 lb/ft3 density mineral wool insulation.  The panels are constructed as to minimize metal-to-metal contact between inner and outer shells and reduce heat flow from oven chamber to the exterior surface.  The structures are self-supporting, rigid, and of adequate strength to support all auxiliary equipment.  Interior surfaces can be made of 16 or 18 gauge aluminized steel and outer surfaces are made of  16 or 18 gauge aluminized steel as well.


The Oven is heated by one or more gas fired burners. Burners are usually located in the combustion chamber, separated from work chamber.  Typical burner capacity is 1.0 x 106 BTUH designed in such a way that the Oven shall reach the appropriate operating temperature in sufficient time.  Electric heaters that may be used are located on the walls of the Entry and Exit ends of the Oven.  Recirculation air in the Oven is heated by means of the gas fired burners in the combustion chambers and the electric heaters on the walls.  The design of the combustion chamber is to satisfy the specification for gas fired heating.


An Oven at approximately 25,000 CFM capacity for example would be provided with one (1) Air Kit Type Recirculation Fan with.  The recirculation fan is complete with belt guard, belt drive, airflow switch, pillow block bearings, and keys.  The recirculation fans are driven by a 5 - 50HP motor mounted on an adjustable base.


The Preheat Oven is provided with one or more General Purpose Exhaust Fans with 1,500 CFM capacity (each) on average.  The exhaust fan is complete with belt guard, belt drive, airflow switch, pillow block bearings, and keys.  The exhaust fan is driven by a motor mounted on an adjustable base.


The Supply and Return Plenums are should include nozzles are made of 18 gauge aluminized steel that are adjustable to balance the flow.  The hot air is delivered in the Ovens from the supply plenum located on the floor and is returned through the top opening in the Combustion Chamber.


One large NEMA-12 Control Panel typically is used to house the controls.  The panel can be attached to the Oven sidewall.  A controller, switches, and indicating lights are mounted on the face of the Control Panel.  In addition, the Oven has the following controls incorporated into the system:

• Control Power Selector switch.

• High Temperature Limit to assure high temperature safety.

• Temperature Controller to control burner.

• Combustion Air Blower is integrated to the burner as a heat source and for complete combustion of the fuel gas.

• Fan Interlock: All fans are interlocked by airflow switches to prevent overheating of the Oven if fan is either off or inoperative.

• Power supply



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