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GDF SUEZ chooses eSight for customer access to energy data


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GDF SUEZ is one of the world’s leading energy companies. With 200,000 employees worldwide, GDF SUEZ is a global company with a strong presence across the entire energy chain.

The Requirement

GDF SUEZ possesses a broad portfolio of energy supply customers, from manufacturing companies to service providers.

With many clients requesting access to energy data on a regular basis, GDF SUEZ identified the need for an energy management suite. Customers would be able to view energy data thus allowing full autonomy of energy management.

Having identified the need for such a system, GDF SUEZ had a number of specific requirements prior to trial:

  • Web-based architecture, allowing access across the internet from any PC, at any location for both GDF SUEZ staff and customers.
  • A scalable system which can be expanded at any time.
  • Comprehensive functionality covering a multitude of analyses.
  • A customisable suite with the option to rebrand as a GDF SUEZ product.

The Solution

GDF SUEZ selected eSight: the 100% web-enabled energy management suite for the following reasons:

Complete web-based architecture: Using any browser, eSight users are able to log on from any PC, to check the status of their energy data.

Individual profiles can be set up, allowing the personalisation of eSight for each independent user regardless of their location.

Scalability: eSight is a fully expandable system and is ideal for any company dealing with growing numbers of metering channels.

After an initial three month trial, GDF SUEZ expanded the system to incorporate multiple sites across the UK. This involved adding additional sites and meters to the system, giving access to users at multiple locations.

Security: eSight includes a range of security facilities which ensure only valid customers can access their data.

Functionality: eSight includes a wide range of energy analysis techniques enabling the user to perform a multitude of functions; from simple energy graphs to complex calculations, eSight simplifies the sometimes difficult task of managing energy.

Rebrandable: eSight is the ideal system for the larger corporation – such as GDF SUEZ – wanting to offer an energy management solution to their customers.

GDF SUEZ opted for an almost fully rebranded version of eSight, in line with their corporate image. The system is known as “energYse”.

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