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Grid interconnection of microturbine-based distributed generation system

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Distributed Generation (DG) is predicted to play an important role in the electric power system in the near future. The insertion of DG systems into existing electric systems has a great impact on real-time system operation and planning. It is widely accepted that Microturbine Generation (MTG) systems are currently attracting much attention for meeting customers' needs in the distributed-power-generation market. In order to investigate the performance of MTG systems when integrated into distribution systems, their efficient modelling is required. This paper presents a dynamic model of an MTG system suitable for grid connection. The proposed model allows a bidirectional power flow between grid and MTG systems. The model is developed in Matlab/Simulink and implemented in the SimPowerSystems library. The components of the models are built from the dynamics of each part with their interconnections. This simplified model is a useful tool for studying the various operational aspects of MTG systems when connected to the grid.

Keywords: distributed generation, DG, microturbines, permanent magnet synchronous generators, power conditioning units, filters, voltage source converters, VSCs, electric power systems, microturbine generation, dynamic modelling

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