High Temperature Combustion of Biogas


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

High Temperature Combustion of Biogas
  • Efficient combustion of biogas
  • Controlled and concealed combustion
  • Combustion temperature > 900°C
  • Residence time more than 0.3 s
  • Insulated combustion chamber
  • High safety standard

The HOFGAS® - IFL4c high temperature flare provides safe and environmentally-friendly combustion of biogas. The exhaust gas emissions meet the stringent requirements. This is achieved with combustion temperatures between > 900°C and a defined residence time of > 0.3s. As soon as the start command is given and the necessary start pressure is reached the HOFGAS® - IFL4c flare starts up. Ignition is activated by an automatic ignition device. The burner control unit controls the ignition process and monitors the flame. The combustion is automatically regulated by the air supply in relation to the optimum combustion temperature. All control functions are integrated in a weather proof control cabinet, wired up ready for connection. Reliable disposal of biogas with high safety and quality standard.

Safety features

  • Flame arrester
  • Slam shut valve
  • Burner control with UV detection

Site preparations

  • Preparation of location (fence, access road, etc.)
  • Foundation
  • Pre-dewatering
  • Electricity supply
  • Pipeline connection


  • Frost protection

More options are available on request

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