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How can we use Biomass as an energy source?


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Any Country which has Agriculture or Forestry waste available has big scope to use biomass as an energy source. We can use Biomass as fuel in its loose form but we can also bind them in solid fuel for more energy consumption.

Any biomass like forestry waste, Agriculture waste or any other biomass waste can be recycled into solid biomass fuel/Bio coal/White coal/Briquette.

What is Bio-Coal/White Coal/Briquette?

Bio-coal or White Coal or Briquette is solid form of biomass. All Biomass like Groundnut Shell, Saw Dust, Red Gram Stalk, Saw Dust, Coffee husk, Cotton Stalk, Bamboo dust, Bagasse, Pine Needles, Mustard Husk/Stalk, Rice Husk, Jute waste, Coir pith Sugar Mill Waste. Other Agriculture forestry wastes like Tobacco stem, Castor Shell, Sander Dust, Wild Grasses, Tea Waste and Tree Bark can be used as an energy source.

Biomass briquettes can be made by using biomass briquetting machine. In this machine we can use biomass in loose form as raw material and get briquettes as an output.

Biomass Briquetting Plant:

Biomass Briquetting plant is also called Briquetting machine/Briquetting Press/Agro waste recycle machine.

There are many types of Briquetting machine:

1.      Super65  Model

2.      Supreme75 Model

3.      Jumbo 9075 Model

 Production capacity of all is different. So, we can use any one of them as per our requirement.

Process of Biomass Briquetting plant:

In this plant we can use any biomass as an input to get briquettes. Moisture content and size of raw material is fixed and that is different for different briquetting machine model.

For ex.

Briquetting Machine Model

Moisture (%)

Size(in mm)

Super65  Model/ Supreme75 Model




Up to 10mm


Jumbo 9075




Up to 25mm

1.      Biomass raw material is first cut by Cutter if its size is larger than fix range.

2.      Raw material with high moisture first dried by Sun drying, flash dryer or any other dryer.

3.      We can make a mixture of various biomasses by mixing them in suitable form.

4.      Material is compressed in briquetting plant.

5.      By compression temperature is raised & lignin come to the surface and binds the material by its natural binder.

6.      Briquettes are formed in shape of log.

What are the benefits of briquettes?

Availability: Biomass is easily available source.

Ash contain: Ash contain is very less and no smoke ash away while burning.

Calorific value: Briquettes provide higher calorific value than coal. So, it is beneficial for firing using in boiler.

Cost: Briquettes can be produced cheaply if there is a good availability of biomass in nearer area.

Land layout: Require less space than other plant.

Pollution free: Reduce air Pollution. Because its produce less gases which affects the environment.

Reduce green house effect: It’s have no sulfured contain.

Distributed Nature:  Biomass plants can be built in remote areas and used as a distributed form of power generation.

Renewable source of energy: Biomass is non-conventional renewable source of energy. It can reuse until its burnt fully.

Burning efficiency: Burning efficiency is 100%

Where can we use these biomass briquettes as an energy source?

Briquettes can be used any thermal application where heat energy is require like Gasifier system application, refractory industries, chemical industries, milk plant, vegetable plants, spinning mill, leather industries, rubber industries, ceramic industries, dyeing units, textile unit, lamination industries, brick making industries, food processing Industries.

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