How do utilities save energy? - With `UVC for HVAC`!


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A big challenge facing service technicians is how to help building owners reduce energy consumption to combat outages and spiraling power costs. A multi- patented, HVAC-style UVC technology from Steril-Aire, Inc. offers a proven solution while simultaneously addressing another 'hot' maintenance topic: how to destroy one of the largest, most prevalent sources of mold. Two major utilities offer dual proof of UVC's effectiveness:

American Electric Power (AEP), Dallas: 'When we purchased Steril-Aire UVC Emitters(tm) in 1998, we weren't looking for energy savings; our motivation was indoor air quality (LAQ),' says David Lewis, building sendees technician. AEP installed germicidal UVC lights in the air handlers to eradicate microbial growth on a preventive basis.

'Thanks to the lights, we eliminated our four-times-a- year coil, drain pan, and plenum cleaning programs. In fact, we haven't had to go near the coils in several years,' Lewis says. 'What we didn't anticipate was the significant drop in pressure across the coil as the lights cleaned to 'like new,' and the resulting net-cooling capacity increase that led to lower fan rpm. This translates into a big reduction in power consumption.' Over a monitored two-plus-year period, Lewis estimates annual energy savings at nearly $139,000 (see table).

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