How to monitor your energy consumption effectively

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An increased need to act on energy management issues has put a priority on aM&T systems for any company wanting to monitor their energy use effectively.

Rising energy costs and the current economic crisis have put an increased focus on controlling costs, providing more reasons than ever to act on energy management issues. Industrial and commercial organisations are seen themselves particularly affected by the CRC energy efficiency scheme. And, as businesses work hard to control energy use, it will be needed a greater ability to monitor consumption beyond the main fiscal meter.

Companies want to find the best way to reduce energy, carbon emissions and save money. There will be a bewildering range of products and choices and it will be difficult to understand what the best investment in energy reduction and savings will be.

But, those companies who proactively monitor their entire site’s electricity usage through AMR (automated meter reading) or HH (half hourly) data are still limited to viewing historic data.

EnSMART combines data from a range of utility sources and assist you in your decision on how best to save energy

With the installation of an aM&T (Automatic Monitoring and Targeting) system, you can measure and monitor your organisation’s energy use in real time at a sub metered level.

An aM&T system collects and presents your data in an user-friendly customer online portal giving you a clearer view of your energy consumption at a granular level and could assist you in your decision on how best to save energy and have a better control of equipment to reduce carbon emissions.

Envido’s sophisticated Automated Monitoring and Targeting tool (aM&T) - EnSMART - provides actionable insights for building managers into where efficiencies in energy and other utility consumptions can be made. Costing a fraction of other energy management tools on the market, it rivals in analysis, flexibility and ease of use.

'With energy efficiency topping the list of priorities for so many building managers today, they need a tool to help them calculate and quantify their successes when it comes to minimising costs and the carbon footprint of their operations' said Russell Lerman, Managing Director of Envido. 'This new user friendly online tool combines data from a range of utility sources, across multiple sites, with ease of use and fills a big gap for building managers as a result.”

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