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Hydrogen civilisation concept: historical and all-planetary aspects

This paper discusses the novel Hydrogen Civilisation (HyCi) concept of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy. The HyCi concept states that at this demanding period in history, humanity still has the ability to save the biosphere and make the continuation of the human race possible. This objective can be achieved only by way of all-planetary cooperation along the direction of the ecologically clean vector 'hydrogen energy → hydrogen economy → hydrogen civilisation'. The HyCi concept includes three constituent, mutually conditional parts: industrial–ecological, humanitarian–cultural and geopolitical–internationally legislative. The legislative–economical mechanism of the transition to HyCi is formulated, and the most important stages are indicated and discussed. Special attention is paid to the future noospheric role of the world scientific–cultural community, to the fundamental importance of purposeful forming 'hydrogen–ecological' mass consciousness, to the role and responsibility of international and regional legal and political organisations, national parliaments and governments.

Keywords: hydrogen civilisation, hydrogen economy, hydrogen energy, historical aspect, hydrogen production, International Association for Hydrogen Energy, IAHE, industrial ecology, legislation, economics

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