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Hydropower installation

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DSEP100 Mains Decoupling Relays for hydropower projects in remote locations in the Cumbrian Lake District, UK. 

Old decommissioned water wheels in Ambleside, Blencathra and Langdale have been recently refurbished and brought back into use as sophisticated hydropower turbines which are now working in parallel with the grid, supplementing the local electricity supply.

The DSEP100 protection relay was chosen for this application because of it’s extensive protection capabilities, reliability and safety features.  These include  R.O.C.O.F and vector shift, sequencing voltage protections for short and long term disturbances, and security access to the module settings to avoid accidental or unauthorised changes.

The DSEP100 also logs wide ranging historical information about system status, events and alarms to help with diagnosis and maintenance.  Configuration of the settings is done via the user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC software and offers flexibility of the product to suit a wide range of application demands.

The DSEP100 is capable of working alongside other renewable energy equipment including photovoltaic and wind turbines etc.

For further information on the DSEP100 please refer to the company website

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