India’s Potential in Harnessing the Alternate Energy Sources


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Long queues for gasoline, high prices and shortage of gasoline are the signs which show that how natural resources are on the verge of depletion. This shows that it is high time for us to view how to utilize natural resources. India is mainly depended on import of petroleum products for its energy requirements. It meets its requirements by importing 70% of petroleum products. This is a point of concern for big country like India.

India has got huge potential to harness the energy derived from the natural resources like wind, water and sun. It has got the mountains ranges like the Himalayas and Aravallis and the Western and Eastern Ghats. There the geographical landscapes are suited to harness the energy of wind and water to convert make electricity from them. So let’s see what are the steps should India take to minimize its export of gasoline and its products.

Alternate energy sources

Bio fuel: Countries around the globe has known the significance of bio fuel. Countries like Brazil have acquainted itself in the use of bio fuel. They required less time in compare to fossil fuel to be used as a fuel.  Bio fuel emits less pollution than fossil fuel and it has proved itself that it has got a huge potential to replace the fossil fuel.

Hydro power plants: In terms of hydro power capacity India ranks 5th in the world. The country has got huge potential for harnessing the hydro power plants and is also doing it. The Tehri dam which is situated in the Himalayan region of Uttrakhand in India is a great example. Unlike petrol which is imported, India has got huge deposits of coal. The country produces its electricity requirements by using coal. Though the country has got good resources of coal for producing electricity it is depleting the resources heavily. To solve this problem the country can use waste recycling products such as agriculture waste to convert it into briquettes to make industries self sufficient in energy needs.

Wind Power:  India is among the top five nations of the world in terms of harnessing wind for its power requirements. It has got potential of 102788 Megawatts at 80 m above ground level, 49130 Megawatts at 50 m above ground level. The country harnessing it in full capacity with water pumping windmills and small aero generators has installed throughout the country. Wind-Solar and Wind Hybrid systems have also installed. With all these steps the futures is looking brighter in harnessing the wind power.

Solar energy: In India one can find sunshine throughout the year. The solar cell is a great way for harnessing the sun power and converting it into electricity. In rural India the power shortage is a chronic problem. The grid system in India in greatly under developed. The government in its tenth five- year plan by using solar photovoltaic systems has electrified several villages. The solar energy is not only used for lighting but for heating the water. Bangalore in India has got the largest rooftop solar water heaters in India.

Challenges and opportunities

The opportunities are abundant but the challenges are also big. India is second largest populated country in the world. The power requirements could not be meet by these alternative energy sources. They still lack behind in the amount of energy production. But certainly they minimize the dependency of the people in non- renewable sources of energy. Government should considerably work in making these alternative resources more in tune so that they could be used by each and every household for their energy needs.

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