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Infinis uses eSight for load balancing across their UK biogas plants


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Infinis is the UK‟s largest independent generator of renewable power from biogas, producing 10% of the nation‟s total green energy. They operate 80 sites across the UK, employing over 200 people.

The Requirement

One of the naturally occurring products of decomposing organic matter in landfill sites is gas. Around 60% of landfill gas is methane; a highly potent greenhouse gas with a contribution to global warming that is more than twenty times greater than that of carbon dioxide.

The generation of power from landfill gas therefore reduces the impact of methane upon global warming, as well as providing an efficient and secure source of local power generation.

Infinis required a system whereby the central control room operator would be able to see a real time comparison of actual data compared to individual site operating parameters and rules set by local staff, optimising environmental control and utilisation. To help achieve these objectives, Infinis needed to maximise the load factor of all generators within the set operating parameters. Where the load limit was site based rather than generator based, the system would prioritise load to generators on higher electricity selling prices.

Some Infinis sites also have the capability to exceed continuous running levels for short periods. Therefore, there was an additional requirement to incorporate within the solution, the ability to identify sites or generators with this short term “overload” capacity.

The overload capacity would then be utilised to maximise revenue from sites with STOD pricing for electricity sales and also to compensate for other generators which might be off-line due to maintenance.

The Solution

To meet Infinis‟ project requirements, Hawkesbury was able to offer a bespoke customisation of our existing web-enabled energy suite, eSight.

As eSight is accessible from any PC, the Control Room Operator is able to log on and gain access to site and generator data as needed.

To enable Infinis to manage their load balancing process, Hawkesbury customised eSight to enable Gas Parameters to be set at site level.

The “overload” facility is controllable via the Gas Parameter page, which allows users to enter a figure for the percentage of overload allowed and a figure for the percentage of underload on each site.

In its customised form, Infinis have been able to integrate eSight into their existing software system. They have also been able to use eSight for its standard M&T functionality.

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