Integrated Solar Lights, Facts and Advantages

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Integrated solar lights , also known as integrated solar street light, is a perfect combination of high efficiency solar panel, long life lithium-ion battery, high efficiency LEDs and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensing module, security mounting brackets and other functional elements. A smaller power integrated solar light is also called integrated solar garden light. As a leading solar power company, Greco Solar is the pioneer of solar LED integrated lighting technology and solution in the world.

The integrated solar lights use solar panels to produce electricity, and to charge the lithium batteries inside the lighting fixtures. During the day, even on cloudy days, the solar panel harnesses the sunlight and converts it into electrical energy, which is then stored in lithium battery, to automatically provide power to LED lamp at night. With the inclusion of PIR human body induction module, the working mode of integrated solar light can be regulated intelligently at night. It is on 100% brightness when a human motion is detected, and automatically changes to 1/3 brightness when there is no human activity. Through this way, the light can save energy and extend its working time. At the same time, solar energy, which is inexhaustible, safe and environment friendly, plays an important role in integrated solar lighting solutions.

Both integrated solar street light and integrated solar garden light are members of Greco integrated solar light family. The compact style of these lights from Greco Solar has incorporated the current best green items (solar panels, super bright LED light source, lithium iron phosphate batteries). With human intelligent sensing system, the Greco integrated solar LED light has achieved lower power consumption, longer working time, and maintenance free for least 5 years from installation.

The integrated solar lights are suitable for installations in various traffic roads, residential pathways, yards, mining areas, off-grid places, parks, parking lots, rural areas, providing bright and reliable night time lighting, with solar as its energy supply.

The advantages of integrated solar LED lights are light weight and easy-to-install. Generally, two persons could complete the installation with a wrench within 10 to 20 minutes.

The integrated solar light adopts integrated design, which is simple, stylish, light weight, and practical :

- Use of solar power as its energy supply
- Use of human infrared sense technology to extend lighting time
- Use of high capacity long-life lithium battery to ensure the product life of least 5 years
- No any cabling. Installation is extremely convenient.
- Waterproof structure, safe and reliable
- Easier to add new functions
- Modular design, ease of installation, maintenance and repair
- Use of AL alloy as housing material. Good rust and corrosion resistances.

Greco Solar is one of the first developers of integrated solar LED lights with exclusive advantages in solar industry. To learn more, please visit .

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