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Integration of embedded generation in local grid using STATCOM

The renewable sources of energy are being connected to the local distribution system/local grid leading to embedded generation. As these sources are intermittent in nature, they impose technical challenges in the power system operation which include power quality related problems of local grid. The performance of the system has to be evaluated while connecting these sources to the local distribution system/micro grid. In this paper, the application of STATCOM-based power quality conditioner for improving the performance of wind driven induction generator embedded to the local grid have been discussed. The modelling, control and analysis of the proposed STATCOM-based power quality conditioner have been given. The MATLAB Simulink-based system model has been used for the performance evaluation while connection of wind-driven induction generator to the local grid, its variable speed operation and unbalanced supply system. The STATCOM-based power quality conditioner has been found effective for the power quality improvement of the local grid.

Keywords: power quality conditioners, wind energy conversion systems, induction generators, voltage sag, voltage unbalance, voltage flicker, voltage harmonics, static synchronous compensator, STATCOM, wind power, simulation, modelling, performance evaluation, variable speed, unbalanced supply, power quality improvement, local grid

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