Intelligent use of regenerative energies


Courtesy of Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH

Following increasing awareness of matters of environmental protection, the regenerative energy market is booming. Within this future-oriented market niche, the utilisation of biogas has been evolving as an intelligent method of ensuring ongoing energy supply. Converted into electrical energy and heat, biogas is used to fuel production facilities, and can replace natural gas as fuel for gas-driven vehicles. Specialised in the development of biogas cogeneration units, the German enterprise Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH has been pioneering the regenerative energy market for more than a decade.

Mr. Klaus Diethelm Dreyer and Mr. Peter Bosse set up their enterprise in the town of Schnackenburg in 1997. The founders’ business plan was to launch the development of dual-fuel engines suitable for biogas operations in cogeneration units. Their timing could not have been better, as Managing Director, Mr. Felix Fröhlich, elaborates in our interview: “The 1990s was a pioneering era for biogas plants, and we have been pioneering the industry as an innovative developer and supplier of units in the 100-230 kW range in Northern Germany since 1995.” 1995 was the year when Mr. Peter Bosse, who had developed one of the first dual-fuel engines for biogas applications, was involved in setting up a complete cogeneration unit, even before the foundation of Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH. Mr. Klaus Diethelm Dreyer, a qualified electrician, contributed his expertise in developing state-of-the-art measuring and supervision technology necessary for the creation of complex facilities. By teaming up, the two entrepreneurs have the experience and know-how to manufacture industry-defining cogeneration units with dualfuel and gas engines, which are characterised by the utmost in dependability and functionality, and have truly helped to achieve a quantum leap regarding the utilisation of regenerative energy.

Shortly after the startup, the production facilities in Schnackenburg were no longer sufficient to satisfy the market demand and expansion became necessary. A new location was set up in Gorleben and the new plant was inaugurated in 2000. Striving to continuously enhance the production capacity, the enterprise modernised and extended the manufacturing facility in the years 2002 and 2005. “Today, we operate 1,000 m² production facilities located on premises that cover over 5,000 m²,” explains Mr. Detlef Schulz, Managing Director. Following ongoing expansion, Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH has positioned itself not only as one of the leading suppliers of biogasbased cogeneration units, holding a market share of 10% in its home market, but also as a major employer in the region. “Today, we have 60 members of staff on our payroll, plus two employees in our office in Berlin, who are responsible for international sales and R&D in the field of gas processing,” says Mr. Schulz. Twenty members of staff are in charge of planning, technical implementation, and services. High levels of motivation and dedication to the common cause characterise each and every individual on Dreyer & Bosse’s payroll. “The fluctuation levels in our enterprise are very low,” points out Mr. Fröhlich.

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