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Introduction to pinch technology

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Courtesy of KBC Advanced Technologies plc.

This material aims to give an overview of the fundaments of Pinch Technology. You will learn:

• How to obtain energy targets by the construction of composite curves.
• The three rules of the pinch principle by which energy efficient heat exchanger network designs must abide.
• About capital-energy trade off for new and retrofit designs.
• The best way to make energy saving process modifications.
• How to do multiple utility placement.
• How best to integrate distillation columns with the background process.
• The most suitable way to integrate heat engines and heat pumps.
• The principles of data extraction.
• Some of the techniques applied in a study of a total site.

The text covers all aspects of the technology employed in the SuperTarget suite from KBC [4]. This suite allows the user to carry out an in-depth pinch analysis, using the PROCESS, COLUMN and SITE modules.

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