JSC Arkhangelsk PPM, Novodvinsk case study


Courtesy of Camco Clean Energy Company

Retrieving energy from waste: a biomass case study
The project owner is one of the largest pulp and paper enterprises located in the timber-focused North West region of Russia and is the first and only company in Russia to adopt a voluntary limit on its emissions of greenhouse gases through 2012.

Through the project, the mill will utilize an additional 141,800 tons of bark wood waste and 25,200 tons of sludge to generate heat and power for their own use. The project will lead to a decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels and prevent waste being dumped in nearby landfills.

The project will allow for a decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide, coal dust, in addition to a reduction of wood waste and sludge. Overall, the project will have a positive impact on the local environment and the health of the population.

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