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Key issues of tidal energy and factors affecting it globally with civil structures

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This paper focus on some of the key challenges to be met in the development of marine energy, it present prototype form to being a widely deployed contributor to future energy supply of the world. Large-scale wave and tidal current prototypes have been demonstrated around the world, but marine renewable energy technology is still 10-15 years behind that of wind energy. However, having started later, the developing technology can make use of more advanced science and engineering, and it is therefore reasonable to expect rapid progress. Many scientific advances are required to meet these challenges and their likelihood is explored based on current and future capabilities. The paper incorporating aspects of technology, power production effects and capital cost factor implications. The aim is to give grounding in the nature of the industry, the current state of the industry and the key factors which will potentially shape and limit the growth of the industry. This is achieved by evaluating tidal power from technological, environmental and socioeconomic viewpoints.

Keywords: tidal range, streams, spring tide, turbines, lagoons, cost reductions, electricity network, tiday energy, wave energy, renewable energy, civil structures, marine energy, wave power

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