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Michelmersh Group Plc uses eSight to monitor energy efficiency within manufacturing sites across the UK


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Established in 1842, the Michelmersh Group is formed from five brick manufacturing companies located across the UK; Blockleys, Michelmersh, Charnwood, Duntons and Taperell Taylor. The companies produce a range of products including facing and special-shaped bricks through to roof tiles.


The Michelmersh group produces over 75 million bricks per year. The process of brick manufacturing requires the use of gas fired kilns and dryers, which account for the majority of the energy being used.

Energy data was being collected and monitored both manually and via data loggers. However, Michelmersh found they were limited with the level of control and visibility they had over their energy consumption.

This was due to the lack of a dedicated M&T system to manage the energy and production data.


Michelmersh required the ability to analyze production data with a view to gathering information on performance efficiency.

The process of data collection needed automating to save time, and complex historical energy data needed importing.

Michelmersh also wished to be able to alarm anomalies in energy profiles and to analyze tariff data against energy consumption.

The Michelmersh group of companies fall within the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Another key requirement was for the effective management of emissions data across the five sites.


Michelmersh purchased eSight for use throughout the Group.

Complex historical energy data that had previously been collected and input into spreadsheets was imported into eSight during commissioning.

The eSight data import service was configured to import data from a range of electricity, gas and water meters via a combination of third party logging equipment and manual reads.

The facility to record production data was configured. This provided Michelmersh with the much improved ability to analyze performance efficiency and includes analysis of factors such as kiln firing energy against product manufactured.

Deployment of the eSight Emissions Trading Module also enabled the detailed analysis of emissions across all four sites. Thus helping to make decisions on when to trade allowances.

Michelmersh have also purchased eSight Energy’s Report Designer for the ability to design and integrate user designed reports into eSight.

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