My Energy Efficiency - SMZ 133 - Universal Panel Meter


Courtesy of KMB Systems, s.r.o.

SMZ 133 - advanced power monitor and datalogger with 512 Mb internal memory, rich selection of programmable inputs and outputs and with advanced communication options.

This panel meter is intended for wide area distribution network monitoring as well as for industrial and building energy efficicency applications. It includes precise electric energy meter - active energy class 0.5, reactive in class 1, with load profile memory. It also records all important electric parameters as well as IO and device status changes, alarms etc.

Mechanically it follows the previous power monitor SMZ 33: it adds precise, continuous evaluation and measurement in accordance with IEC 61557, has larger archive and bigger, high resolution and contrast LCD display.

Advanced panel meter with large internal archive, built-in electricity meter, optional remote communication and rich set of Input-Output options - all these parameters in one box SMZ 133 is here!

KMB systems is launching and be firstly promoting new SMZ 133 advanced panel meter in April at HANNOVER MESSE 2014!

SMZ 133 is a new precise multipurpose power meter with data logger function. It measures and records frequency, line and phase voltages, currents, power factors,  powers, unbalances, 64 voltage and current harmonics and its direction, active, reactive and apparent energies and other quantities in the 50/60 Hz three-phase LV, MV and HV grids. It also measures and records input/output states and ambient temperature. It is intended for installation into panel. This instrument has bright LCD display which provides many useful information locally.

SMZ 133 has a broad portfolio of communication options including local USB port, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet or up to two remote RS485 serial lines. With this portfolio it can simply be integrated into more complex systems. It can also serve as a gateway for other instruments and actively collect data from slave instruments (with Modbus Master option). Ouputs can be programmed to control local appliances in energy efficiency or peak demand management systems. All measurement values are continuously measured and recorded at intervals of 10/12 periods (~200 ms) or higher into the local 512 Mb memory.

Typical applications: network and power quality monitoring, electrical fault recorder, peak demand/energy management, data logging (electricity, water, gas, modbus or pulse)

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