New Energy Indicators for Transport: The Way Forward

The IEA Energy Technology and R&D Office, and the International Transport Forum (ITF) held a joint workshop on New Energy Indicators for Transport: The Way Forward, 28-29 January 2008.

This two-day workshop examined the quality and coverage of energy-related transportation indicators and data currently available from national governments and other sources around the world. A primary objective was to create a stronger network amongst analysts and data collection agencies to better share data and become more fully aware of what data is available and what gaps exist, and how these might be filled.

The workshop was well attended and featured excellent presentations and lively discussions regarding critical issues in transport such as:

• Travel patterns, structure and modal shares at the national and urban level;
• the growth in vehicle ownership and the resulting numbers of vehicles on the road in different regions;
• the evolution of new car and stock average fuel economy;
• trends in freight efficiency, particularly the logistical efficiency in the trucking sector;
• measurement of and trends in fuel prices around the world.

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