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Novel regulated DC/DC and DC/AC power converters

Power sources with a desired voltage profiles, are required in many applications including renewable energy. Although in most cases, a sinusoidal waveform of specified amplitude and frequency is of interest, other types of voltage profiles, such as square, trapezoidal, triangular, etc., may also be required in amplifiers, shakers, mechatronics, etc., applications. In this paper, a capacitor charging based voltage-waveform synthesis is presented. The technique is initially proposed for AC waveform synthesis and then extended to synthesise DC waveforms. Appropriate switching converter-topology is selected and a brief performance-analyses and design-procedures are presented. Supporting result from PSPICE simulation and experiments on laboratory prototype are exhibited to confirm the effectiveness of such power converters.

Keywords: controlled capacitor charging, pulse width modulation, zero current switching, zero voltage switching, series resonant converter, power converters, renewable energy

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