Power generated from methane gas in disused mines in England


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®-IPM/C 2500
Performance     2’500 Nm³/h / 520mbar dP
Location     England (GB)


Mine gas is released when coal is extracted. This gas is sourced not only from working coal mines but also from those that were closed down long ago. Because large quantities of coal remain in the mine after it has ceased production, mine gas is released afterwards.

The high proportion of methane in the gas significantly adds to the greenhouse effect. Even so, the upside to this is that an environmentally friendly energy source results from the waste product of the mine.

Local operators have recognised the energy potential. Five large-scale projects have been completed, thanks to the profitable power credit scheme.
Technical Requirements

  • Gas extraction out of disused coal mine
  • Gas flow 2’500 Nm3/h
  • Pressure rise 520 mbar

Utilisation of the HOFGAS®-IPM container unit with pumping station and control system. 

HOFSTETTER pumping stations capture the methane before it can escape into the atmosphere and the gas is passed on to generation sets. This way, green energy is supplied to several hundred households, with significant reduction in harmful climactic effects at the same time.

The site owner operates two gas-powered engines using gas from the landfill site, thereby generating 3.5 MW of power.

Client’s Benefits

  • Safe and reliable supply of mine gas for power generation
  • 5MW of power can be generated and sold
  • Long service life of plant
  • Low maintenance costs

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