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Dramatic incidents such as explosions, fires, floods and landslides make the headlines, but mundane mishaps such as diggers cutting through cables can cause just as many problems for businesses.  With many companies now putting all their eggs in one electronic basket, power supply is a critical factor in business life with the fear of electricity blackouts identified as a major problem for all companies.  The potential catastrophe caused by a black out or power surge to a company’s IT network has resulted in a need for standby power.

The first step in providing power protection is to understand the leading causes of power-related problems.  A myth to dispel is that power is perfect. Research carried out on power supply disturbances, conducted throughout Europe shows great differences from place to place and between different types of installations. On average a computer site experiences around 20 blackouts each year and generally, are far more common in rural areas.   Most blackouts arise in the local, low voltage distribution network.

Until recently, electrical contractors have fought shy of becoming involved in supplying and installing standby generators.  However, in today’s competitive electrical market, contractors are now looking for ways to increase profits by diversifying into specialist areas.  Already face-to-face with customers, they are beginning realise that providing generators and UPS systems is an add-on service that their customers will welcome whilst allowing them to develop an additional source of income for their company. 

Many companies still have a picture in their mind of generators being noisy, dirty machines that frequently breakdown. However, this is far from the truth. The development of generators over the past few years has been immense.   Now, it is possible to obtain small units that can power up a single appliance or large systems that are suitable for all major standby power applications including the server, security and telecom markets.

Some standby generator providers, such as shentongroup, specialise in working with electricians. They are on hand to provide technical support throughout every stage of a project whether an electrical contractor’s requirement is for supply only or a complete turnkey operation encompassing site surveys, fuel pipework, cabling and commissioning.  

Financial implications can also be a hurdle for smaller contractors. With many generator suppliers, however, it is possible to overcome such problems by:

  • A direct sale with commission being paid to the contractor
  • Leasing and long-term finance agreements
  • Purchasing through electrical wholesalers
  • Opening credit account facilities

Power support suppliers can also advise on a range of ancillary generator products such as bunds, Automatic On Mains Failure Systems (AMF), comprehensive remote monitoring systems, no-break control panels and dual mains automatic changeover panels

Most electricians are aware that providing standby power installations is now an important addition to their ‘tool bag’.  Whether the need is for a small generator to support a lift or a complete package that encompasses IT equipment, lighting and telephones, specialist providers, such as shentongroup, can provide the technical support and advice to secure the sale. 

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