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Project Waste housekeeping and dissemination - Case Study


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Capacity building for the support of fulfilling the waste management plan of municipalities and regions with the participation of public in the Regions of Plzeň and South-Bohemia. The aims of the projects are the education and cooperation in household waste. The project is exceptional by connecting the experts from non-governmental environmental and business field with regional municipalities or villages. Due to the cooperation the quality of the information services for public should be increased and the public should get involved in the regional improvement of household waste management.

Dissemination – documentary film – Project CEA (Czech Energetic Agenture) “Electricity from biomass”. In this project a documentary film on biomass utilization has been created. This has been created for purposes of dissemination. The film should reach most of the society in Czech Republic and give some basic overview on biomass utilization and renewable energy sources topic in general.

Biomass energy utilization and biomass potential – Project „Feasibility of harvesting energy crops on the farmlands within the districts Mělník and Litoměřice“. The paper producing company Mondi Packaging Paper Štětí a.s., has shown the interest to increase the production of energy from renewable sources of energy. For this purpose has CZ Biom estimated the potential of biomass in the area within the range of 40 km. Part of the project was as well to establish the contacts between Mondi and farmers which will harvest and deliver energy crops for power production.

Biomass energy utilization – Project Strategy MAS Vltava for utilization of energy from biomass. In this project a study on biomass potential in the micro region Vltavínsko has been made. Based on this knowledge, the different models for utilization of the remains from timber logging and wood production had been created. As well the feasibility of heating several dwelling houses with the remains of agricultural production and utilization of the combination several fermentation technologies has been investigated.

Biomass energy utilization – Energy self-sufficient village in the Region of Ústí nad Labem. The aim of the project had been set to create an exemplary model of energy self-sufficient village in the region as a record for further decision making for other projects on energy conservation and renewable energy sources utilization Three studies on energy perspectives, potential of energy conservation and utilization of renewable energy sources for the period of 2006 – 2020 had been the major outcomes of the project. Part of the study has been recommendation for the villages how to plan efficiently the further development and about the possibilities of financing their future projects from the funds of the EU.

Dissemination – TV serial – Popular science“ television serial „Energy of the 21st century“, ALTENER project in cooperation with POLBIOM and Czech Television (Czech main state television channel).

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