Providing full-service energy consulting and strategy development case study


Courtesy of Antea Group - USA


Antea Group's Global Corporate Consultancy was engaged to provide energy management consulting and strategy development for a multinational provider of consumer goods. Our client requested assistance to define and roll out an energy strategy and management plan for their entire enterprise to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions across the globe. 

Our team was specifically tasked with:

  • Defining metrics, data collection and benchmarking practices to provide management tools for continuous improvement;
  • Assessing facilities to identify saving opportunities and working with plant personal to develop methods to prioritize saving opportunities, putting them into implementation action plans;
  • Working with corporate and plant personnel to develop a energy management program framework;
  • Developing an action plan to roll out the strategy across the enterprise; and
  • Creating tools and practices to implement savings, track results and provide for continuous improvement.

GCC activities to date have included energy program strategy development and communication, organizational engagement, energy financing support, on-site energy assessments, and hands-on development of conservation tools and training.

We’ve helped the firm develop and deploy energy management best practices across the globe, including metrics and benchmarking practices to more clearly define and measure energy usage.

In addition, we are associated with ongoing activities in support of power contract negotiations and plan to conduct further on-site energy assessments in the coming year.


As a result of our support, our client notes that company awareness of energy usage and conservation has expanded, internal goals have been set and metrics tracking installed. Through development of the energy efficiency and management program, approximately $750 million in savings opportunities has been identified.

Continuous energy improvement practices are being established at facilities throughout the enterprise.

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