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Quantifying Combined Heat and Power (CHP) activity

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In CHP plants without heat rejection facilities power, output is complementary to the recovery of heat, and all activity is cogeneration. CHP plants with heat rejection facilities can operate a mix of cogeneration and condensing activities. Quantifying the energy flows of both activities properly requires knowledge of the design power-to-heat ratios of the CHP processes (steam and gas turbines, combustion engines). The ratios may be multiple, non-linear or extend into the virtual domain of the production possibility sets of the plants. Quantifying cogeneration in CCGT plants reveals a definition conflict but consistent solutions are available.

Keywords: combined heat and power, CHP, cogeneration, production possibility sets, joint production, power-to-heat ratio, CCGT, back-pressure, extraction condensing, heat rejection, steam turbines, gas turbines, combustion engines

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