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Redundant combustion plant for Novartis


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- IFM4c/2200/1500/60/180
Commissioning     2004
Site     Novartis (Basel, CH)

In order to prevent production failure due to missing redundancy in the flue gas clean up, Novartis required an additional system. During different production processes exhaust air load with organic components is formed. This air is collected and delivered to a thermal vapour treatment (TVT). In the event of TVT breakdown the gas needs to be disposed via a redundant system. Novartis found the effective solution in a Hofstetter combustion plant without heat recovery. .

The back up system has to be available 100%, round-the-clock, even during power failure and during ignition without delay.

  • Safety concept and explosion protection
  • Leading over roof of the exhaust air
  • Meeting the local regulations

The different process gases are delivered to the combustion plant via single gas trains. Dependent upon the gas quality and flow, natural gas is automatically added. As a result, the burner reacts reliably on extreme raw gas variation and maintains the combustion process. With the aid of acombustion air ventilator the exhaust air is taken over roof.

HOFSTETTER's Safety Concept

  • Ignition and control of the ignition and pilot burner with ignition transformer
  • Seal tightness monitoring of the natural gas valve before start procedure
  • Double slam shut valves for gas train of the process gas and natural gas
  • EEx proof execution of the electrical resources, which are in direct contact with the gas
  • Flame arrester with temperature monitoring close to the burner
  • Monitoring of the minimal pressure of the burner nozzle
  • The combustion plant is designed in accordance with the EN60079-ff guidelines

Client’s Benefits

  • Redundant combustion plant
  • No interruption of production during maintenance work to the TVT
  • Meeting the local regulations

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