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Research and development on biomass energy in China

Like developed countries, China is facing two serious constraints energy shortage and environmental pollution, which hinder the development of the national economy and improvements in living conditions. On the other hand, China has a huge amount of biomass resource. It is estimated that the total amount of biomass resource is up to 5.2x108 tons of oil equivalent (TOE) in which crop residue resource is up to 2.7x108 TOE, firewood over 5.2x107 TOE and animal dung about 1.0x108 TOE. Biomass is a clean energy resource and can be explored as a convenient energy. Since the 1980s, several Chinese institutes have developed various biomass energy conversion technologies and applied these successfully in rural areas. Up to 1999, about 1.58 million TOE of energy consumption in China came from biomass energy through energy-efficient technology and biomass energy conversion technology. China is planning to develop biomass energy on a larger scale. By 2010, energy provided by these technologies may reach up to 14.1 million TOE. Through advanced technologies, biomass will give us more benefits in energy, the environment and the economy if some problems related to technical, economic, political and financial issues can be resolved successfully.

Keywords: biomass, gasification, liquefaction, briquetting, biogas, energy, environment, greenhouse gas, crop residue, sawdust, firewood, animal solid waste

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