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Shepherd Neame selects eSight for energy monitoring and targeting at their Faversham brewery


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The Shepherd Neame family have been brewing since 1698 with brewing on site long before. The company’s commercial expertise is enhanced by 21st century production and distribution facilities. In addition, Shepherd Neame has some 370 pubs across the South East.

The Requirement

At Shepherd Neame, heritage and traditional values go hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary standards of customer service and care.

Shepherd Neame now has some 370 pubs across the South East. The award-winning estate is characterised by rural village pubs and suburban community pubs. A large proportion of beer sold in their pubs is brewed at the Faversham brewery, where their team of experts is passionate about their unique range of ales and lagers.

The brewery's portfolio includes traditional Kentish ales like Spitfire and Bishops Finger and internationally renowned lagers brewed under licence, such as Holsten Export (Germany), Kingfisher (India), Oranjeboom Pilsener (Holland), SunLik (China), Ashai (Japan) and Hurlimann Sternbrau (Switzerland) for sale in their pubs as well as supermarkets and off-licences.

Shepherd Neame had a comprehensive installation of electricity, gas and water metering already in place. In addition, they also had production figures catalogued on site.

They required a solution which brought together their utility consumption with production figures in a comprehensive yet simple to use, web based reporting application. In addition, they needed an application that could integrate with SAP.

The Solution

Shepherd Neame purchased eSight which is hosted within eSight Energy’s data centre in Cambridge. Data is transferred from the existing metering and data logging solution using eSight Energy’s eTransfer product. eTransfer moves metering and production data in a highly secure and automated way across the Internet.

eSight Energy developed specific data drivers to extract key information regarding the quantity of product produced from Shepherd Neame’s production recording systems. This data is vital for the correct analysis of their energy and water consumption.

Many of the features within eSight allow Shepherd Neame to analyse consumption against production. These include Specific Energy Consumption and Regression Analysis. Targets can also be created to ensure that consumption is held within specific norms depending on temperature and production quantities.

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