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Solar energy based thermal energy storage system using phase change materials

Nowadays for solar heating applications, usage of phase change materials (PCM) to store the heat in the form of latent heat is increased, because large quantity of thermal energy is stored in small volume. The present experimental investigation on the thermal energy storage (TES) system is developed using paraffin and stearic acid as PCM. In the present system solar energy is used as heat source to store the thermal energy in the form of sensible heat and latent heat. In the TES system paraffin and stearic acid are stored in the form of spherical capsules of 38 mm diameter. Investigation results related to the charging time and recovery of stored energy are presented. The experimental investigation showed that the charging and recovery of storage energy are less affected by the PCM materials (paraffin and stearic acid). But, utilisation of stearic acid as PCM is more economical without affecting the quantity of thermal energy stored, charging time and recovery of the stored thermal energy.

Keywords: heat transfer fluids, HTF, paraffin, phase change materials, PCM, stearic acid, thermal energy storage, TES, solar energy, solar power, solar heating, latent heat, renewable energy

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