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Solar powered dosing cube


Courtesy of WES Ltd / Weschem Ltd

WES Ltd has developed a solar powered version of its popular and recently improved dosing CUBE concept. Based around 24V DC versions of the Alldos DDI range of digital dosing pumps, the system provides all of the usual advantages of the dosing CUBE with the added benefit of being able to accurately dose chemicals in locations where no power supply is available and provide further mobility allowing commissioning within hours in remote locations.

Being 24V DC throughout, the system is inherently safe for maintenance and will be supplied complete with solar panels, battery pack, charge controller and support frame/kiosk options depending on the actual locations or intended use.

The system allows all of the features of modern digital dosing and can also be supplied with any the following enhancements to complete the dosing package.

Connect to a flowmeter with 4-20mA pulse output to provide flow proportional or batch dosing.

Include analytical instrument inputs via a PID controller to further control dosing output.

Incorporate a GSM logger for remote monitoring or utilise the inbuilt timer to control dosing.

The sizing of the solar power pack will depend on the demands that are made on the system plus the geographical location. WES can advise on both aspects and specify the system accordingly.

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