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Some elements of energy conservation policy under the energy policy guidelines of Poland

This paper discusses the energy conservation policy issues in the context of an overall state energy policy, including regulations which came into force under the new Energy Law provisions. As a result of the analysis performed, it was confirmed that in the period of market transformation in Poland, a key factor of energy efficiency improvement would be an appropriate energy pricing policy. At the same time, taking into account experience in the developed OECD countries, it was stated that an exclusive focus of the state on a pricing policy is a necessary condition to implement the strategy of sustainable development, but not a sufficient one. This is due to a number of reasons, one of the most relevant being necessary permanent, real environmental protection against pollution due to the processes of extraction, transformation and use of conventional energy resources. The paper also presents the efforts and results obtained in Poland over recent years with respect to the structures (relations) of energy prices, as well as the activities undertaken for a rational management of energy economy. The report contains a number of interesting tables and comparisons recorded between the years 1989 and 1997. Finally some selected economic and fiscal instruments applied for energy conservation promotion are discussed.

Keywords: energy conservation, energy policy, energy efficiency, Poland

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