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STATCOM–based voltage and frequency regulator for stand–alone asynchronous generator

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This paper presents a STATCOM–based voltage and frequency regulation for stand–alone asynchronous generator feeding linear and nonlinear loads. The SEIG have inherent poor voltage and frequency regulation. The voltage and frequency depend upon the load current and power factor of the load with fixed excitation capacitor employing unregulated turbines. The changing consumer load requires variable reactive power compensation for excitation requirement. Consumer load contains harmonics and performance of SEIG is largely affected by these load harmonics. A current controlled voltage source inverter working as STATCOM is used for harmonic elimination, load balancing and variable reactive power compensation. A DC chopper with dump load is connected across DC bus capacitor to regulate varying consumer load. The control algorithm has been first co–simulated with processor in the loop (PIL) and then experimentally validated. The transient behaviour of developed prototype system for application and removal of balanced, unbalanced, nonlinear load is investigated.

Keywords: SEIG, self–excited induction generators, static compensator, PIL, processor in the loop, co–simulation, DSP, digital signal processing, fixed point algorithm, STATCOM–based voltage, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, stand–alone asynchronous generators, unregulated turbines, power compensation, load harmonics

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