Taonan case study


Courtesy of Camco Clean Energy Company

Working to decarbonise China's energy future
Located in Taonan, Jilin Province, north east China, this 49.3 MW grid connected wind farm demonstrates the economic viability of wind power technology in a region where, until now, it has been seen as marginal. The project generates over 100,000 MWh of electricity per annum, and delivers greenhouse gas emission reductions equal to 92,508 tCO2e per annum through displacing principally coal fired power on the local power grid.

China has a huge technically exploitable wind resource, with the most conservative estimates putting the potential at 300 GW. Although wind power is developing rapidly in China, its economic viability is still relatively unproven and the CDM has become an important tool for achieving financing for wind projects of the scale necessary to displace coal fired generation from the energy mix.

The NDRC has set the target of 30 GW of installed wind power capacity by 2020. In order to achieve this, development of 50+ GW projects needs to be accelerated and this project contributes to this by promoting technology transfer and CDM assistance in China's wind sector.

As well as co-developing and qualifying the project, Camco secured the Austrian Government’s JI/CDM Programme as the carbon credit buyer. This was the first CDM project in China to be accepted by the Austrian JI/CDM Programme, in October 2004.

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