The advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

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The wind power generation is developing fast during the past several years. As a source of Green energy is a possible solution for the energy crisis in the near future. But it's not a perfect type of energy without any drawbacks. So, let's look into this type renewable energy for get some more idea.


1. Wind energy is clean energy, consuming no fossil fuels to generate electricity.

2. Wind energy is renewable and sustainble.

3. The energy is free once the wind turbine installation is finished as the wind is free.

4. Wind turbines are a great resource to generate energy in remote locations, which is great for mountain communities, remote countryside and developing countries.

5. Costs are relatively low and continue to decrease in comparison with traditional power plants.


1. The wind energy is not very stable as it will be affected a lot by the strength of wind.

2. Wind turbine construction is still too expensive and takes a lot of space in comparison to the solar and other renewable energy type.

3. Wind turbine will have impact on wild life and citizen by produce too much noise.

There are still some big problems with wind energy. Before we have solution for these problems, wind energy seems not a good solution for new energy. The good news is that the development of smaller wind turbine makes wind energy easier to access and wind solar hybrid energy system can generate more stable power.

By Danny Burns from Stanford Magnets, a top rare earth magnets supplier in USA.

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