The DMT Carborex® MS Small scale biogas upgrading plant

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As we are all aware, fossil fuels are depleting rapidly and the energy consumption is growing. Due to increasing fossil fuel prices other types of fuels become more interesting. Nowadays technology enables us to use renewable fuels in an economically profitable way. An easy technique to produce fuel is the digestion of green waste; sewage sludge, manure and agricultural waste from crops. Bacteriae will convert this waste to methane and carbon dioxide known as biogas. Biogas is seen as a renewable fuel without a carbon dioxide footprint. To enhance the usability of biogas it should be upgraded to natural gas quality which is done by removal of carbon dioxide from the biogas. This will increase the caloric value of the gas, and makes it suitable to be used as vehicle fuel.

Of the total production of biogas most is produced by the many small scale digesters. Often these produce small quantities of biogas (50-200Nm3/h). For these plants it is not feasible to upgrade the gas to natural gas quality and inject this in the natural gas grid or use it as commercial fuel at a gas station. The cost for quantity and quality control together with the high performance security and gas transport/ injection makes it too expensive for small scale applications. However, other conditions apply when the gas is not used commercially but only locally within a small community or farm. Therefore small scale upgrading can be economical viable.

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