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The Energy-saving and Environmental Protection of LED Tri-proof Luminaires Have Made Great Contributions to the Processing Industry

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The three-proof lamps made of PC material are better material style, even if they are stepped on by foot, they will not break, and they are very durable. However, the transparency of this material is not as good as that of ABS lamps. The lamp made of ABS material is very brittle and crackable, but the transparency of this material is very good and bright. PMMA materials are cheaper, but less expensive than ABS materials. At present, the three-proof lamps produced in the market are basically made by ABS+PS or PC+PS, but some African countries still prefer to use PMMA materials, mainly in terms of price.


In our country, the energy consumption of lighting can account for 15% of the total energy consumption of society, which is already very large. In the calculation of total social energy consumption, there are many kinds of power, but lighting energy consumption can occupy 15%. Therefore, it is necessary to save energy in lighting.


In the processing industry, lighting continues for a very long time, and it needs lighting day and night. In addition to the processing industry, other industries also need to go to lighting, but not as long as the processing industry continues. Processing industry is large-scale, long-term lighting, lighting light has to meet certain requirements, therefore, lighting energy consumption is considerable.


Since the processing industry selected the LED tri-proof luminaires, the energy consumption has been reduced a lot. The LED tri-proof luminaires can save more than 60% of the electric energy than the common incandescent lamp. And after long-term use, it will not be very hot, so that it will not emit too much heat energy, to reach a requirement of environmental protection.


When the LED tri-proof luminaires save electricity, the enterprise can save a lot of electricity in one year, and the service life of the LED tri-proof luminaires are longer than the general lamp, the enterprise can save the cost of lamp replacement. Therefore, LED tri-proof luminaires have made great contributions to these enterprises.