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Three Phase WiFi Energy Meter


WEM3080T 3 phase electricity monitor is a Din rail, there phase Wi-Fi Energy Meter/Wi-Fi Electricity Monitor. It can be easily installed and fit neatly inside your electricity panel, and provides insight into your energy consumption and analysis through our dedicated Online Energy Consumption Monitoring System ( and Android/IOS app. With our cloud service, you can easily understand your electricity bill and get timely alert when the total energy consumption in a month reaches a preset value.


It is highly-integrated power meter with Wi-Fi module embedded. 3 phase energy monitoring devices can measure the data of specific electricity equipment, such as AC voltage and current of each phase, active power, total energy, and report them to the cloud every 5 minutes. You can directly get access to the its internal web server and easily set the Wi-Fi network configuration by one-key setup. With open data interface (Http get interface and Tcp Interface), the measurement data can be very flexible to stored locally or upload to your own server.


Key Features

Real-time energy monitoring of each phase and report to cloud every 5 minutes via Wi-Fi network

Simply one-key Wi-Fi setup to connect to your Wi-Fi network

Enterprise-class performance, suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial use and solar system

Cloud service and Mobile app is available

Support local monitoring via LAN or uploading the data to your specified server with open Http or Tcp interface

2-pole DIN-rail mounting fits neatly in the meter box


Standard Inclusion

WiFi module embedded
CT(Current Transformer)
100A by default, other CT ratings are optional
2.4G Antenna
External Panel Antenna

One-Key Wi-Fi Setup

Use your smart device's Wi-Fi connection setup, connect to the iMeter's network and few steps to finish the Wi-Fi setting configuration.


Monitor by Iammeter Platform

Iammete platform:, is our IoT platform dedicated for energy consumption and energy data monitoring. By connecting iMeter to it, you can easily view the real-time and historical data and receive the timely alert notification.


Monitor Locally via LAN

You can connect your iMeter-WiFi via LAN to your PC that running local monitoring software. No cloud service required, and no internet needed for you to save your cost.