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Tips for turning a coal fired boiler to gas fired boilers

Smog has been a heated topic among the word. Therefore , gas fired boiler substitute for coal fired boiler become a trend to protect the environment.Since the boiler is a large thermal equipment ,it is requires attention to security incidents in the transformation .Here are some tip from ZG about turning a coal fired boiler to gas fired boiler.
First , when turning a coal fired boiler to gas fired boilers , boiler furnace burners should be set at the height of the center position and has sufficient combustion space and length. Flame heating surface should be washed onto the wall to avoid the incomplete combustion of gas and wall localized overheating and damage.
Secondly, furnace of coal-fired boilers, are generally larger , with sufficient combustion space , the transformation can increase the amount of gas without affecting the combustion conditions. If the user requires significantly improved boiler output , we can appropriately increased radiation furnace heating surface , and remove scale and soot on the outside of the original heating surface , so that improving gas fired boiler output without increasing the volume is not a problem.
All above are some tips when you want to change your cola fired boiler to gas fired boiler from ZG as a preeminent industrial boiler manufacture providing varies gas fired boiler including natural gas fired boiler , liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fired boiler.

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