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Turbine efficiency monitoring in the UK - Case Study


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By monitoring the efficiency of a turbine, we supported a UK water company to maintain maximum electrical output
Installing our FREEFLOW pump monitoring system on the turbine
The turbine in question – a fixed speed machine (1016rpm) – runs without any human intervention and is controlled via flow rate modulation using inlet guide vanes. Utilising our FREEFLOW pump monitoring system, we were able to immediately identify if proposed changes were proving effective or not. Our system tracked savings and the financial consequences associated with any changes.

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Our results in brief:

  • Rated shaft power output of 320kW at 84% hydraulic efficiency, but found best performance to be 82%
  • Identified multiple occasions when, for the same hydraulic input, the electrical output varied up to 40%
  • Optimised operation of inlet guide vanes would ensure maximum efficiency of 82%, and avoid lows of 58%
  • Average efficiency identified as 73% but if increased to 80% would save at least £11,000 per year

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